Walking on the Blackdown Hills

Blackdown Hills Walks

This article was written on 12 October 2015
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Our blog is entitled ‘Forest ramblings‘ because I’m hoping to ‘ramble on‘ about something interesting every week or so!  But we and our guests also like to ramble in the 300 acres of pine forest surrounding the park, walking on the Blackdown Hills, and further afield.

There is so much to see throughout the seasons at Forest Glade.  At the moment the trees are just turning and there are quite a lot of leaves down already as we’ve had high winds on and off for the past few days.

Our bluebells are later than others due to our hilly location but they do put on a magnificent display and are well worth seeing if you are staying in late April/early May.

There are deer to be seen in the forest surrounding the park but only if you are very quiet and the best time to see them is either early morning or early evening.  One of our regular customers has taken some great photos of deer during his stays on the park.

The park is situated in a beautiful part of Devon on the Blackdown Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This is a relatively unknown corner of Devon and Somerset, full of secluded valleys and wooded hilltops; the scenery is lovely. With interesting landmarks, there is plenty of local history waiting to be discovered.  These deer, made out of local willow, can be seen by the side of the road as you come up the north side of the hills, on the A303, and mark the start of the AONB.

There are lots of lovely walks, around the park and locally.  The Blackdown Hills AONB produces a leaflet about Blackdown Hills walks in the area and we have copies available to guests.  We are developing a series of walks starting from the park, several of which have a pub at the end!  Walking is a great way of appreciating the local area, enjoying the varied landscape, getting some gentle exercise and having an environmentally friendly day out.