Stargazing in Devon

Stargazing at Forest Glade

Devon is a great area for Stargazing. At Forest Glade and across the whole of the Blackdown Hills there are fantastic stargazing opportunities!

Stargazing Forest

Stargazing at the Park

There is minimal light pollution at Forest Glade and we like to keep things as dark as possible overnight to maximise stargazing opportunities. These dark skies provide the perfect environment to see the stars in all their glory.

Stargazing is a great activity to enjoy with family and friends and can be especially exciting for little ones!

One of the best areas in the park for stargazing is the Five Acre field. On clear nights, you can relax back in your camping chair or lie on a blanket on the ground and just look up and enjoy watching the sky sparkle!


starry night clear night stars at Forest Glade

Stargazing in Devon

Blackdown Hills

Outside of the park there are several other fantastic stargazing areas. The whole of the Blackdown Hills – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a great stargazing location. The Blackdown Hills AONB is working to conserve and enhance the dark skies for all to enjoy.

Exmoor National Park

Forest Glade is also close to Exmoor National Park which was the first place in the UK to be designated as a Dark Sky reserve in 2011. This means it is home to exceptionally starry skies. It has some of the darkest skies in the country and light pollution in the area is managed so it is another fantastic area to stargaze.

Stargazing tips

Stargazing is easy – on a dark, clear night just head outside and look up to the sky! Make sure the sky is really dark – the best time to go stargazing is in the days before, during and soon after a new moon. Moonlight is beautiful but is obviously very bright and you will likely only see a few of the brightest stars on a night when the moon is out!

Here are just a few other ideas to get the most from your stargazing experience:

  • Take a camping chair or blanket to lie on to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable
  • On chillier nights wrap up warm and don’t forget a flask of hot chocolate!
  • Make sure you let your eyes adjust – they can take around 10-20 minutes to adjust to the night skies!
  • As it can take time to get your ‘night vision’ – relax, be patient and enjoy the calm and tranquility while looking up at the universe!
  • Perhaps think about downloading a stargazing app to help you know where and what to look out for. There are lots of free apps available which give you a map of the sky and help you identify stars and constellations. Remember to turn the brightness right down if using a smartphone.