Signs of Spring at Forest Glade

Spring in Devon

This article was written on 26 April 2018
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Spring in Devon is a great time of year and spring has definitely sprung at Forest Glade.

Devon and Forest Glade had a few days of being bathed in warm spring sunshine during the recent short-lived heat wave. Those who were lucky enough to be on the park during those few days, many of whom were on their first holiday of the year, were treated to a real burst of spring joy.

There’s something so exciting about that first camping or caravanning trip of the season. Getting everything out of storage and replacing bits that might have become too worn (giving you the excuse for a bit of retail therapy). Spring cleaning the tent or van or stocking up on essentials. Spring is a time of hope and anticipation for the season ahead. What adventures will you have this year?

On our wander around the park one morning, it didn’t take long to spot the signs that nature had definitely “sprung”. With their nodding trumpets, the daffodils are the most obvious heralds of spring. They grow in clumps all around the park. There’s a carpet of pale yellow primroses near the wildlife pond and the new, vibrant green buds on our willow tunnel will soon grow into a dense covering perfect for the kids to play hide and seek.

Blog - Spring in Devon 

The wildlife is also awakening. The morning bird song is triumphant, even if it does start rather early! There are currently a pair of tree creepers in the Christmas Tree Field, showing their courtship dance up and down the tree trunks. Our resident Aylesbury ducks were also having a fabulous time waddling around the paths.

blog - spring in Devon Blog - Spring in Devon

You have to be quick to photograph them, but we even saw lizards scuttling about in the woods during the warm weather!  It has to be mentioned that if you’re planning a stroll in the woods, plastic clogs are not recommended footwear even on a dry day – there are still some boggy bits!

Lots of our visitors were out making the most of the sun: sitting outside their vans having breakfast; walking the dog; or topping up the bird feeder.

 Blog - Spring in Devon

With a start to the season like that, we’re filled with enthusiasm for the rest of the year!

Images: Maria Thorne 2018