Birdsong at Forest Glade

Birdsong at Forest Glade Holiday Park

This article was written on 29 April 2019
and is a 2 minute read

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Birdsong is nature’s most beautiful alarm clock and its opening notes begin just before the sun rises. This month’s blog is all about birdsong at Forest Glade.

In our double-glazed homes, with all the distractions of everyday life, we don’t always notice this joyous natural orchestra, but when you’re on holiday with us, we can guarantee you won’t miss out. From the impossibly fast drumming of a woodpecker to the ‘squeaky gate’ call of a great tit, we have a huge range of ornithological musicians here at Forest Glade.


Our playlist also includes such tuneful favourites such as robins and blackbirds, as well as the iconic cuckoo (one of our customers heard one just yesterday), chirpy wren, chattering starlings, and the mellow collared doves. As we’ve mentioned before, we even have nightjars in the woods here. They emit a rather unusual sound something like a tree frog crossed with electrical interference!

The RSPB is releasing a single of pure birdsong. It features some of our best loved and most threatened birds and aims to raise awareness of the destruction of their habitats. In our unique location here on the edge of the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we do everything we can to protect our native birds, as well as the other local fauna. We hold a David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation which reflects the effort we make to manage the park in a way that preserves natural habitats. We also have a wildlife information room, with lots of posters telling you about the local area and its wildlife.


It might all sound rather noisy, but it’s part of country life and we can assure you that the dawn chorus is the only morning soundtrack you need. We found this rather lovely video on YouTube, which introduces the songs of 15 well-known UK birds. Why not have a listen before you come to see us? We’d love to know which birds you’ve identified by their song!