What Happens Over Winter at Forest Glade?

Getting ready for winter!

This article was written on 4 December 2018
and is a 3 minute read

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What happens over winter at Forest Glade Holiday Park? Even though we are closed we are still very busy putting the park to bed and getting ready for the next year!

Forest Glade Holiday Park is now closed for the winter, but that doesn’t mean we all get a nice, long winter-sun getaway! There’s always loads to do to get everything ready again for next year and the time goes really fast. As soon as the park is shut, we start ‘putting it to bed’ for the winter and preparing for the new season.

We clean out all the caravans really thoroughly and drain them down to make sure we don’t have burst pipes should the temperature drop below zero. All the public areas are thoroughly cleaned and tidied and we make a list of all the jobs that need doing before we re-open. We provide caravan storage, so we check that all those vans are safely tucked up.

blog - winter at forest glade holiday park
A brand new caravan arrives

We ‘retire’ our older holiday caravans and welcome some newbies. We’ve just had two smart new caravans delivered to the park, which will be available for your to book for your holiday next year. We will also have a brand new holiday caravan for sale; you could have your own holiday home in Devon! Email us if you’re interested in finding out more.

blog - winter at forest glade holiday park
Siting a caravan

As a sign of the times, we’re taking out the telephone box. Everyone has a mobile phone and, despite our location, the signal up here is pretty good, so the phone box doesn’t get used. It means we’ll have more room, so we’re making the reception area more spacious. We’re also very excited to be replacing the shop front and putting in a new children’s play area, especially for the little ones.

blog - winter at forest glade holiday park
Demolishing the old play area…

…and putting in the new one!

We do miss everybody when we’re closed; there’s no shop or reception to keep an eye on and the whole place is a lot quieter. Whereas many parks stay open all year, we close for a short while because the weather up here can be rather challenging in the winter months! Unless you have a 4×4, the roads can become impassable in ice or snow.

Even when the park is closed, you can still phone, email us or book through our website, so we’ll look forward to seeing you all again next year!