Our Eight Top Tips for Camping with Dogs

This article was written on 22 February 2018
and is a 3 minute read

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We love our furry friends here at Forest Glade and we welcome guests who want to come camping with dogs. Having a wonderful dog (Poppy) ourselves, we understand how they’re important members of the family and that most people would rather bring their beloved pets with them when they visit. Forest Glade is perfect for a dog-friendly getaway. With so much woodland surrounding the park, a holiday with us is one long extended ‘walkies’.

Here are our top tips for camping with dogs to make sure that you, your dog and your fellow campers all get the most from your stay.

  1. Towels for muddy paws are a must. Most dogs are mud-magnets, so you’ll want to be able to give them a good dry off to keep your caravan or tent habitable. If you’re in a tent, it’s a good idea to have a separate sleeping compartment for your dog.
  1. Lots (and lots) of poo bags. This is an obvious one. We have extra in the shop if you need more. You can put the bags in any of our waste bins.
  1. Bring your dog’s bed from home to give your pup something familiar. Then he’ll be just as cosy as you are.
  1. A sturdy anchor to which you can tether Fido while you’re cooking and eating makes mealtimes a lot less stressful. We sell tethers and stakes in our shop.
  1. Make sure that your dog is trained in basic obedience and that his other behaviour is compatible with a nice, relaxing camping holiday – for both your own sake and that of your fellow campers. Our park is intended to be a place where everyone can enjoy themselves in peace.
  1. Check your dog’s microchip information is up to date and, if possible, have your mobile phone number on the tag.
  1. You might want to bring your dog’s vaccination information with you and don’t forget any medication needed. There are vets’ surgeries nearby and we are always happy to help contact a local vet, should you need one in an emergency.
  1. Finally, make sure you all get the most from your holiday by going on dog-friendly days out. The South West Coast Path is a short drive away, as are plenty of dog-friendly beaches. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore the grounds at the beautiful National Trust property, Knightshayes. How about a doggy tram ride on Seaton Tramway? For a bit more animal interaction, dogs are welcome at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth – one of our favourite days out and perfect for kids too! For more ideas on dog-friendly days out in Devon, visit www.lotstodo.co.uk/dog_friendly.

If you don’t have a dog, please be assured that we also have plenty of pet-free accommodation available. We’re strict about where dogs are exercised and insist on people picking up after their pets.