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Forest ramblings

Our Poem for World Poetry Day!

Mar 21, 2019

The Big Trip

You’re heading off on holiday
To Forest Glade this spring.
A caravan for everyone,
It’s really quite ‘the thing’!

A family destination,
With woodland all around
And not far from the seaside
Where fish ‘n’ chips be found.
You’ve camped there for a weekend
In other years gone by,
But this time it’s a fortnight
And you’ve left the tent behind.

The caravans are spacious,
With all mod-cons provided
And since the dog can come along,
You all quickly decided
That Forest Glade would be the best
For this year’s big vacation.
Your youngest’s even torn himself
Away from his Playstation.

The kids can swim and run and play.
You’ll watch them both explore
The countryside environment
That’s just by your van door.

And so, at home, excitement builds
While teenaged daughter packs.
You just can’t wait to get to us,
To lay back and...relax!