Our “Survival Guide” for Camping and Caravanning with toddlers

Camping and Caravanning with toddlers

This article was written on 29 August 2019
and is a 4 minute read

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Now that older children are back to school, it’s a great time for families with younger children to take a break with us. You’ll have thought about packing all the essentials such as extra clothes, wipes, sippy cups, nappies and favourite blankets or toys. However holidaying with under-5s can still be a daunting challenge. We’re here with some top tips on camping and caravanning with toddlers to help make sure everyone enjoys it.

  1. Snack attack:
    Keeping everyone’s batteries topped up is very important and we’re not talking about charging your phone. A day out in the fresh air of the Devon countryside or on the beach will give everybody a good appetite, so make sure ‘hunger’ doesn’t strike at the wrong time by having lots of easy snacks and drinks to hand when you’re on the campsite or out and about exploring.

  1. Safety first:
    Keep utensils, sharp objects, matches and lighters in a box with a tight fitting lid, or hang them up high out of little ones’ reach. You can use a canvas shoe organiser to hang more dangerous items up out of harm’s way, as well as making everything easier to find.
  1. Space savers:
    Our caravans are lovely and spacious, but you’re still going to want to maximise the living area you have available. From high chairs to travel cots, baby carriers to snack pots, you’ll need to try and make sure they’re easy to set up and don’t take up minimal space.  High chairs, travel cots and bed guards are available to hire free of charge. Great if you are struggling for space in your car.  Travel cots double as handy playpens. Ideal when you need somewhere safe for your child to play while you pitch the tent or prepare the dinner.  If your child dislikes showering a small paddling pool in the bottom of the shower cubicle makes a great baby/toddler bath


  1. Don’t forget the coffee:
    Fortunately, if you do neglect to pack your morning pick-me-up, we have plenty in the shop. The chances are that you’ll be woken up just as early as you are at home, if not a bit earlier, so you’ll need good, strong coffee! And on that point…
  1. Black it out:
    It’s now possible to buy blackout family tents and sleeping pods. Not only good for keeping your sleeping area dark, they’ll also stay cool should we have an Indian summer. You can consider bringing a portable blackout bind for your baby or toddler’s room in the caravan. They come with easy suction cups to stick to windows and help make sure everyone gets a full night’s sleep.

  1. Toddle by torchlight:
    Bring along a few torches or headlamps. Forest Glade boasts fantastic stargazing opportunities, so we like to keep things fairly dark over night. Go for a torchlit toddle at dusk, or use them as nightlights should your little one become fearful in the dark.
  1. Feed their senses:
    One of the very best things about spending time with us is that the forest really does offer a multi-sensory experience. Smell the damp earth and flowers. Hear the crunchy leaves and birdsong. See how many minibeasts you can spot, or watch the changing patterns that sunlight makes pouring through leaves. Touch the nobbly pinecones or the smooth chestnuts. The site itself offers a wonderful, wooden activity area for children to let off steam, as well as an indoor heated swimming pool, always popular with children.


Don’t forget, we’ve got more than 40 years of experience running our family holiday park. So if you need any advice or help while you’re staying with us, don’t hesitate to ask at Reception.