Anyone for Tennis?

Our all weather tennis court

This article was written on 15 July 2018
and is a 2 minute read

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We have a range of facilities at Forest Glade Holiday Park including an all weather tennis court. All guests no matter their ability can come and try out their serves, volleys and rallies on our court!

Two weeks of fierce competition, in unusually warm weather for the UK, has led up to Wimbledon’s top male and female players going head-to-head in the finals this weekend. This year, the culmination of the men’s tournament will take place on the same day as the football World Cup final, so it’s a big weekend for sports fans!

No matter what your skill level, you’re very welcome to try out your tennis skills on our all-weather court. There is a small hourly hire charge which includes rackets and balls. Having started in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Our court isn’t nearly as old has that, but has long provided a great place for families to practice their serves and volleys.

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Whereas Wimbledon has a strict dress code, we’re happy as long as you’re comfortable and, of course, we absolutely encourage the eating of strawberries and cream! There are several ‘pick your own’ strawberry farms in the area and Devon clotted cream is the best in the world.

Our ball games area is also great for football, so whatever your sport, we’ve got you covered!